Construction Monitoring

Construction Monitoring

When you have an ongoing construction project, it can be difficult to keep track of all the activities. That’s why it’s important to seek the services of professionals who will take care of the entire process.

With the help of a consulting firm, you’ll receive just the right amount of construction monitoring for your project. Newbanks is a construction consulting firm that has been in operation since 1961. We have worked with clients from New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, and many other regions across the country and completed thousands of projects.

What Does a Construction Consulting Firm Do?

A construction consulting firm takes on an oversight role for building projects. There are different types of consultants in the construction industry. These include services engineers, architects, cost consultants, and structural engineers. Their roles include:

  • Managing Risks

A team of consultants helps you avoid scenarios that may delay the project. They do that by ensuring construction safety standards are adhered to, alongside quality. Experienced consultants can easily discover possible risks and advise on ways to avoid them. That ensures your project proceeds as seamlessly as possible.

  • Financial Monitoring

Large projects require a lot of effort in order to stick to the set budget. During construction, there will be various materials and services acquired from different vendors. It’s the duty of your consulting firm to oversee all the transactions with suppliers. Part of their job includes negotiating costs to ensure that the project’s spending remains within established limits.

  • Project Monitoring

This is whereby the firm sends some of its staff to visit the construction site and check on the progress of the project. In that way, the firm is able to ensure that all the requirements are being complied with, such as building codes. 

At Newbanks, we offer a range of services. They include document and cost review, private equity representation, loan modifications, property condition assessments, and project monitoring. These services have enabled us to work successfully with different clients within the commercial, healthcare, hospitality, and retail industries over the years.

What Should You Consider When Looking For A Construction Consulting Firm?

To get a suitable construction consulting firm for your project, consider the following:

  • Availability – Your consultant should be able to give your project enough attention in order to carry out all necessary tasks adequately.
  • Experience – A firm that has been in practice for several years is more qualified to monitor large projects effectively.
  • Credibility – A reputable company will do a good and satisfactory job. Reviews by previous clients can help you decide whether a firm is credible or not.

Reliable Accounting

Given Newbanks’s numerous operative locations, we are able to provide expert services to clients from all over the U.S. Having worked on different construction projects for more than 50 years; we know the ins and outs of construction. Our staff performs periodic construction monitoring to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Contact us today on 1.833.201.4774 to find out how we can assist you with your project.

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