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Mist Tent

A mist tent is a fun and effective means of cooling down on a hot day. Misting tunnels and tents produce droplets of water, which provide hydration to those who are beneath them. At Cool-Off, we are proud to be the leading name in misting tents and tunnels in the United States. Our online store is stocked with the finest models on the market, all of which boast the latest hydration technology and aesthetically-pleasing designs. But which Cool-Off mist tent is right for you? Read on to find out!

Here is your comprehensive breakdown of the misting tents and similar products available through our online store.

Cool-Off Mist Arch

The Cool-Off Mist Arch is one of the most affordable mist tunnels on the market. However, that doesn't make it any less effective. This towering arch comes in at nearly 27-feet tall and is wide enough to hold almost a dozen people between its inflatable walls at once. High water pressure ensures comprehensive coverage to those beneath the arch, making it perfect for parties, festivals, and sporting events. The Cool-Off Mist Arch is available in 16 different colors and can even have a logo printed on it, making it a great branding opportunity for small businesses.

Sports Misting Tent

As any sportsperson will tell you, there are few things more challenging than performing on a warm day. If you or your child's sports team must play in extreme heat, the Sports Misting Tent should be high on your shopping list. With sizes ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 26.5’ x 26.5, this mist tent is perfect for sideline meetings and pre-game talks. It can also be a fun addition to your backyard, with multiple color options making it easy to maintain the color scheme of your garden. 

Cool-Off Mist Zone

For small business owners searching for a mist tunnel or tent, we often recommend the Cool-Off Mist Zone. This sizable misting tent is available in a wide variety of colors, with branding and logo design also available. This is the perfect way to keep your clients happy while they wait for service on a warm summer's day. The Cool-Off Mist Zone is also a great option for sporting events. This is especially true in the case of marathons, where it can be used to give competitors some much needed hydration as they cross the finish line. 

Cool-Off Mist Tunnel

Street fairs are a fixture of summer. However, they can be rather unpleasant in extreme heat. If you're planning a street fair during the summer months, you should definitely pick up our Cool-Off Mist Tunnel. Available in two different sizes - with optional colors and branding - the Cool-Off Mist Tunnel is a great way to keep shoppers and revelers cool as they enjoy the festivities you have organized for them. The Cool-Off Mist Tunnel is also a great choice for marathons, stadium entrances, and parades. 

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