Oakridge Mall is re-demising its Charlotte Russe store. For those of you familiar with it, and its location...soon you will see a different and smaller Charlotte Russe. We have done several of these types of projects, for different companies; during the last few years...they are the behind the scenes projects as malls are constantly reconfiguring spaces and lease lines.


Here are some before and during pictures.







  1. reguarding above statement about charlotte russe moving locations and becoming really small??? has it re-opened with bigger space yet? is it in same place or new place in the mall.?? oakridge mall, san jose california.
    i want to go this week, but not if its the tiny charlotte russe.. no selection at all. thanks.

  2. @deborah: Yes the resized Charlotte Russe just reopened a couple of weeks ago in the same place it used to be.

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